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Hello. I want to apply css style for rows using condition. Style should depends on data in the cells of one column. I execute $('table').sort("#status#", "dsc", "string"); for sorting and after it I should apply css for each row. Cells of column #status# can be as 0, 1 or 2. Also I have other sort function but I should remove CSS before starting it and again apply CSS after execution $('table').sort("#status#", "dsc", "string");
My question is: how to apply addRowCss using condition on cells values in one column?



  • Hello @evgeny2k ,
    I suggest you attach onAfterSort event. The handler will take three parameters - template of sort-by field, direction of sorting and type of sorting. And depending on the direction of sorting apply the desired CSS.
    Please check the next snippet:

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    Thank you for the response but I found another way. Each time before sorting I use


    and after it I use sorting like this:
    case 'Helpers first':
                $$('table').sort("#helper#", "dsc", "string");
                        var item = $$('table').getItem(row);
                        if (item.helper == 0){
                            $$('table').addRowCss(row, "bg1");
                            $$('table').addRowCss(row, "bg2");

    P.S. In this example used only 2 possible cells values, 0 and 1.
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