Datatable add row updateFromResponse


I added the updateFromResponse to my datatable according to the documentation here:

However, it seems like it does not work for tables that have math functions that depends on other columns.

The ID is updated due to the updateFromResponse, but the triggers and depends for the newly added row is not updated. So if I try to edit the table without refreshing the page, I run into a TypeError.

How do I resolve this?



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    Hello @ljing ,
    I can confirm the issue. Thank you for your report!
    The main problem is that the math is strictly tied to the record IDs.
    There will be no error if:
    -don't update ID when responding from server
    - use updateFromResponse for other fields
    Please check the next snippet:
    In the example above, there is no server request, but the response is simulated through return webix.promise.resolve(response)

    If you still have errors please share a snippet of your code.

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