Comments widget - I can replace editor

We use Froala as the editor, can we replace your editor with an instance of froala?
Please tell me how can I replace the editor or extend it to support #hashtag (select topics) and attach image, video, emoticons, and files.


  • Please we need an extended comment widget (editor) to support # and attachments, can you teach me how to do it?

  • edited June 2020

    Hello @JorgeQuiros ,
    You can create any custom editor. To define it, you need to configure the next methods:
    focus() - sets the focus to the input with the editor;
    getValue() - gets the value of the editor;
    setValue() - sets the value of the editor;
    render() - renders the editor;
    getInputNode() - gets the input area object.

    Please check the documentation for more details:

    But the Froala editor is actually not quite compatible with our logic of editors. The Froala editor has many tools/functions that are not applicable with the standard logic of working with editors, that is, you can only use it to set/getValue from/in the editor.

    Please check the basic integration example:

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