Pivot i18n translation error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase'

I've translated this snippet : https://snippet.webix.com/s1z80z8r
It works fine in snippet website, but it gives me an error:

chartpopup.js:234 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined
at template (chartpopup.js:234)
at u.Q (renderstack.js:58)
at Array.map (helpers.js:208)
at u.render (renderstack.js:165)
at u. (proto.js:22)
at ve. (helpers.js:97)
at ve.callEvent (eventsystem.js:56)
at ve.refresh (datastore.js:218)
at ve.X (datastore.js:86)
at u.J (atomdataloader.js:156)

PS: I have installed webix version 7.3.0.



  • Hi @masterdrummer,
    Judging by the stack trace, you use pivot-chart and then the error can be repeated in the snippet(try to click to configure button): https://snippet.webix.com/7o6flizn
    As far as I see, the main problem is that in your example you are trying to replace the whole object with locales, and you don’t have inside keys and translations for locales inside the configure popup.
    Please try the following to fix it:

    webix.i18n.pivot = webix.extend(webix.i18n.pivot, {
      apply: "Anwenden",
      cancel: "Abbrechen",
      columns: "Spalten",
      count: "Zahl",
      datepicker: "Datum Auswahl",
      fields: "Felder",
      filters: "Filtern",
      max: "Max",
      multicombo: "multiple Auswahl",
      min: "Min",
      operationNotDefined: "Operation ist nicht definiert",
      pivotMessage: "[Klicken zu konfigurieren]",
      rows: "Zeilen",
      select: "Auswahl",
      sum: "    Summe",
      text: "Text",
      values: "Werte",
      windowTitle: "Konfiguration",
      windowMessage: "[ziehen Felder auf gewünschten Sektor]"
    }, true);

    Please check the next snippet:

  • thx. it worked.

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