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Hi there,

I am developing an app that contains a tabview, in each tab a dynamic form is created, one of the fields of the form is a combo view, that contains an options property, that contains a body where the results are loaded correctly, the bad thing is that webix it gives the warning of "Non unique id "$suggest1", when create the combo field not have id property but still the problem of "Non unique id.." occurs, this only happens with the combo when it contains a body property, with the rest of fields that are dynamically mounted there is no problem.

Or how to change de id of combo suggest dinamycally before add to form?

if i can change dynamic all ids of suggest i think that work...

Please help!!

Thanks in advanced,

the combo with body:

view: "combo",
name: "quickMessages",
label: "",
options: {
template: '#id#',
body: {

          dataFeed: function () {
            return webix.ajax().bind(this).get("/InteractionManager/MessageList", function (data) {
            url: "/InteractionManager/MessageList",
              dynamic: true,
                template: '#value#'




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    Hello @JAP ,

    the bad thing is that webix it gives the warning of "Non unique id "$suggest1"

    Most likely, this error could occur if you reused the config:

    When you plan to reuse config multiple times, you need to use:

    • a copy of config object (webix.copy):

    If the above description was not helpful, will be glad if can share more details on the use-case and send your code (using our snippet tool) that shows the problem.

  • Thanks so much!!

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