Bug Report: (unspanned) Column details render under column spans on iPad

There appears to be a rendering bug in the TreeTable.

In certain cases when the TreeTable has one or more colspans spanning the entire row, and all nodes are opened, the top colspan or two will become transparent and show the underlying (non spanned) column as well as the spanned overlay. This results in text rendering over text and data from the original columns (that should be hidden by the span) being displayed.

This behavior only appears to happen on iOS devices in browsers using the Safari rendering engine. I have tested it on multiple iPads. I'm not sure if it's affecting iPhones as well.

You can reproduce this issue using your own site by:
- going to webix.com/example/treetable-colspan/ in Chrome or Safari on an iPad.
- clicking on Show Preview.
- expanding all nodes (there should be 9 nodes showing)
- you should be able to see the bug in the top row. The text "The Shawshank Redemption" is rendered twice, as is the folder icon.

This bug appears to occur regardless of how the colspan was created. (e.g. with $row, addSpan() or spans).

I don't know if DataTable is affected by this bug as well.


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