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I'm trying to plot timeseries data on a line chart. Data was collected over a two-week period at irregular intervals. There are gaps (periods when no data was collected) and I want the line to break during those gaps so that it is clearly visible when no data was collected. Timestamps are Unix time with milliseconds. I'd like the x-axis of my Webix chart to be labeled in human-readable dates. Have tried with the Custom X Axis Formation article ( but can't get it to work. I can get an unbroken line, but I can't get the X Axis to recognize the timestamp as an actual date and show the outages.

Any help greatly appreciated.

My data looks like this:
[{timestamp: 1593906288113, index: 0, temperature: -0, humanTs: "2020-07-04 19:44:48"},
{timestamp: 1593918384339, index: 1, temperature: 0, humanTs: "2020-07-04 23:06:24"},
{timestamp: 1593930480565, index: 2, temperature: -0, humanTs: "2020-07-05 02:28:00"},
//(...94 more readings here...)
{timestamp: 1595079622035, index: 97, temperature: -0.1, humanTs: "2020-07-18 09:40:22"},
{timestamp: 1595091718261, index: 98, temperature: -0, humanTs: "2020-07-18 13:01:58"},
{timestamp: 1595103814487, index: 99, temperature: 0.1, humanTs: "2020-07-18 16:23:34"}]


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    Hello @re_404,

    I'd like the x-axis of my Webix chart to be labeled in human-readable dates.

    It is possible to modify the visual representation of the incoming data by setting a custom template of a certain axis. In your case, it could look something like The timestamp is converted to a Date object, which is then converted to a readable string that we can use as our template.

  • Thanks very much!

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