How to add auth guard with webix jet and graphql ?

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How to add auth guard with webix jet and graphql ?


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    @Dzmitry @intregal @dandv can you pls help ?

  • Hi @Naufil

    The authentification in the Webix Jet app can be implemented with built-in User Plugin.

    Please note model in the configuration of the plugin. Here you'll need to assign a session model that contains at least three essential methods: login(), logout(), status() (each method is explained in the referenced docs). Each should return a promise with user credentials that will be set/tested on the client-side.

    Unfortunately, we have no ready example for GraphQL queries, but as there are no specific requirements related to it, I hope the NodeJS+Express demo will be useful as an example the client-side implementation of a simple session model and the related backend script.

  • Hi @Listopad, Thank you for this one. I will try and let you know if I face any problem.

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