Datatable Header Autoheight dependent on column order

I have created a datatable that uses the header autoheight functionality (with associated css). It works fine for one order of columns. But when I change the order of columns, it stops functioning.

I have created two static web pages that demonstrate the problem.
The first works fine.
The second does not display properly.

The only difference between the two pages is the order of the columns.

Any insights would be super helpful.

Here is a link to the files:



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    Hello @giantkillerrobot,
    Yes, you are right, this was found and reported as a bug not that long ago. The problem was that the headers use the last height that was set (either as height or as as a result of autoheight calculation).
    The bug was already fixed since the version 7.3. Since the issue has already been fixed, I recommend updating at your earliest convenience.

    If you are currently unable to update, to overcome this problem , please try the following workaround:
    In the example above, the built-in autoheight property was replaced with a custom $autoheight, which is used as a flag to calculate maximum height among headers and does not depend on the existing feature.

  • Thank you so much!!!!! Will upgrade and test.

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