Custom Column in File Manager Table View

Is it possible to have additional columns in the table view of the file manager? For example, add a "modified by" column where the backend sends the name of the person.


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    I was able to get this to work with the following code:

    var fm = webix.ui({
        view: "filemanager",
       url: ""
    webix.ready(function () {
        dt = fm.queryView("datatable", "all")[0];
        dt.config.columns.splice(3, 0, { id: "user", header: "User", sort: "string" });

    The backend api needs to add the element using the column Id and the value to the json response. For example, user : "MH",

            "value": "puppy.jpeg",
            "id": "/newdirectory/puppy.jpeg",
            "size": 10,
            "user": ""MH",
            "date": 1584377524,
            "type": "image"
        }, {
            "value": "text.txt",
            "id": "/newdirectory/text.txt",
            "size": 20,
            "user": "MH",
            "date": 1584377353,
            "type": "code"
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