filter on columns with an array

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I got a problem with one of my filters. My columns is containing an array.

I use {content:"multiComboFilter"} as filter. The content is displayed as a joined String and that is the only value i can pick to retrieve my desired item.

So my item that i want to find got the value ["1","2","3"] when i set the filter to "2" my item is not listed. My item is only displayed when i select "1","2","3".



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    Hello @bikerboy,
    It is possible to set a custom filtering rule in compare property of a filter:

    {content:"multiComboFilter", compare:customCompare}

    As a filtering function, this method iterates through data and gets the following parameters as arguments:

    • a value that supposed to be a column value,
    • a value of the filter,
    • the entire data item

    So you can easily access any data attribute and provide your own logic. Please take a look at the following examples:

  • Thank that is helping!

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