webix 7.4.4 customScroll error

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I updated my webix version from 7.3.6 to 7.4.4.

Now, when I use scrollView with customScroll I get this error every time I click inside the scrollview:

Checking the code of the 2 version I found the point where I get the error now:

The code where I get the error is this:

I made a snippet with that same exact code but I don't get the error there:

If i remove the:
if (!webix.env.touch && webix.env.scrollSize)
of course I don't have any error, but in this way I can't use the custom scroll.

How can I solve this problem? Thank you.


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    Hello @AndreaC,

    I updated my webix version from 7.3.6 to 7.4.4.

    Could you please confirm that you are indeed using version 7.4.4? I must admit that there indeed was a regression concerning CustomScroll in version 7.4.3 (the exact error you are having here), but it was lately fixed with the release of Webix 7.4.4. The code shown on the screenshot suggests that you are most likely using version 7.4.3 at this point in time. I suggest clearing out browser cache first and trying to update to the latest version afterwards.

  • You are right, I was using 7.4.3, the problem disappeared with 7.4.4.
    Thank you!

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