TypeError: webix.ui.each is not a function

Followed the guide Vue js Integration & used Webix widget in a Vue app
Vue version : 2.6.11

TypeError: webix.ui.each is not a function
at VueComponent.data_handler (main.js?56d7:23)
at VueComponent.mounted (main.js?56d7:44)
at invokeWithErrorHandling (vue.esm.js?a026:1863)
at callHook (vue.esm.js?a026:4228)
at Object.insert (vue.esm.js?a026:3148)
at invokeInsertHook (vue.esm.js?a026:6357)
at VueComponent.patch [as patch] (vue.esm.js?a026:6576)
at VueComponent.Vue._update (vue.esm.js?a026:3957)
at VueComponent.updateComponent (vue.esm.js?a026:4075)
at Watcher.get (vue.esm.js?a026:4488)



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    Hello @connectly,

    There seems to be an issue within the provided integration module. Namely, a deprecated method is used inside the webix-ui.js file (webix.ui.each()). As of Webix 7.0 (and every other version after that), this method has been deprecated and is no longer available for use. Considering the existing functionality within the library, the webix.ui.each() method fills the same role as the view.queryView() method, so we've decided to leave out the former.

    A small tweak is required to be made to the webix-ui.js file in order for this integration to work properly. Please visit the following link to get the fixed file (the download will start immediately): https://files.webix.com/30d/b85cef36c144abdb23e7cb9ead56a7d3/webix-ui.js. Upon downloading the file, replace your local copy with the downloaded file. We've taken note of this, and will update the repository shortly, thank you for the report!

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