datepicker not loading in modal popup

I am using datatable and in that I have made on each column data if you click it will open modal popUp form.
in that form I have data to edit, it includes datepicker as well.

If initial columns if I try to edit form than in modal popUp datepicker is opening, but if I try to open last record modal popUp than datepicker is not loading in my modal form, same is working if I press down-arrowKey from key board which is very weird. if date is set than its working.

Could you please help me why datepicker is not working from last few records?

This is my existing code.

view: "window",
id: "update_request_obj_modal",
modal: true,
position: "center",
head: {
view: "toolbar",
cols: [{
view: "label",
label: "Update Data)"
view: "icon",
icon: "times",
click: function() {
body: {
view: 'form',
width: 750,
borderless: true,
elements: [
view: "combo",
label: 'Type: *',
name: "request_type",
invalidMessage: "Select Type",
labelWidth: 300,
value: request_obj_data.type,
options: origional_request_type,
view: "datepicker",
label: 'Targeted Limited Availability(LA):',
id: 'object_la_date',
format: webix.Date.dateToStr("%d/%m/%y"),
name: "object_la_date",
labelWidth: 300,
value: Custom_OrigLADeployment
view: "datepicker",
label: 'Targeted General Availability(GA):',
id: 'object_ga_date',
format: webix.Date.dateToStr("%d/%m/%y"),
name: "object_ga_date",
labelWidth: 300,
value: Custom_OrigGADeployment


  • Hello @vijaysinhparmar ,
    Please note that the close() method removes the window from the app with no possibility to show it back. You can apply hide() method to this window to hide the form. The window won't be destroyed, so you can show it back again easily.

    Unfortunatly, but I can’t reproduce the issue. As far as I can see everything is working fine. Please check the next example:
    Could you please provide more information in order to replicate the issue to the fullest extent? Unfortunately, the part of attached code does not paint the full picture. It would be ideal if you could provide a snippet (via our Snippet Tool) with your code , where problem can be checked.

    I also recommend taking a look at the following articled introducing the different techniques for Datatable Editing -

  • @annazankevich I am not able to put my existing code on snipping tool, but the way I am implementing its you can check here I am not passing data directly but using function for each column I am generating data.

    I have updated in your snippet which you shared.

    here I am not able to reproduce issue for date.. but in my existing code datepicker is not coming but just arrow is coming..

    Could you please help me how to trigger down arrowKey event on focus of my datepicker field in view:'window' form element.?

    on click I am calling function and opening popUp in window view.

  • edited September 2020

    @annazankevich I am able to reproduce issue in your snippet as well.. please check this link

    Go to last record by scroll. and check date picker is not coming.

    Please help I am also facing same issue in my system.

    I required all the settings which is present in code.

  • Hello @vijaysinhparmar ,
    Unfortunately, I can’t repeat the described issue.
    Could you please specify the:
    1. Webix version
    2. Browser version
    Can you share a screenshot (or screen recording) where you can see the problem? Just post link here ( there is no way to attach files to the post - so you need to use some free screen sharing service )

    As far as I can see it should work fine:

  • I have fixed issue on my system by adding scroll to datatable.

  • @annazankevich I am not able to integrate ckeditor5 with this popUp.

    I am getting this error,

    I am using webix UI v.5.2.3

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'then' of undefined
    at o._require_ckeditor (ckeditor5.js:25)
    at new o (webix_debug.js:239)
    at Function.e.A (webix_debug.js:4910)
    at o.kc (webix_debug.js:5671)
    at o.kc (webix_debug.js:5976)
    at new o (webix_debug.js:239)
    at Function.e.A (webix_debug.js:4910)
    at o.body_setter (webix_debug.js:7979)
    at o.D (webix_debug.js:2541)
    at o.C (webix_debug.js:2547)

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