new Query widget / custom input


how is it possible to add a custom input control for a certain field in die fields array.
For example how to show a richselect with pre defined values for a field ?
I have read the docs about query, querybuilder and filter widget, but i can't figure out how to achieve the desired result with the new query widget.

Thanks in advance !
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  • any ideas for far ??
    i currently got stuck with it in my current project.

    In the meantime i've tried to use querybuilder widget with default configuration in a Webix Jet App.
    But there the querybuilder is not working as expected.
    When you select a field then in the select / combo for the rule there is no rule shown, the select popup doesn't open. I left the filters array unchanged and expected the default filters to be shown.

    There are no errors in the console !

    My Webix Jet App is using Webix Jet 2.1.3 and webix pro 7.4.3

  • My post regarding the issue with querybuilder widget is not valid anymore.
    The problem was caused by another third party js library which is also included in my project.

    But the question how to customize the new query widget still remains.

    Kind Regards

  • Hello @Kim,

    The new Query widget does not have the usual public API, which is why you won't be able to call its methods directly/customize the widget in the same way you customize the standard Webix widgets. This is due to the fact that this widget was built using Webix Jet, and requires a completely different approach when working with it.
    As is the case with every other Jet-based widget, it is possible to fully customize the Query widget according to the required specifications. In your case, you will need to override the default filter JetView with your own custom class. The filter view (a Webix component embedded within the JetView with the same name) itself is handled by the CreateFilter function within the filter JetView. By modifying the following function, you can alter the configuration of the inner filter component, allowing you to provide custom inputs (i.e. combo) and handlers.
    Please take a look at the following example for possible customization of the Query component:

    You can learn more about Query customization in the related chapter of our documentation -

  • Ok, thank you so far !

    The filter part of query widget is handled by query.views.filter which is a JetView class. That class uses ui.filter for creating the filter part of the view.
    ui.filter consists of a rule /condition combo field and an input field for the value. How can i access the combo / select input for selecting the filtering field. I want to replace the combo for selecting the field with a popup with contains a treeview for selecting the filtering field.

    Is there any method / function in query.views.filter for creating or modifying the combo for the filtering field ?

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