Regarding adding dynamic row span and col span in Datatable Header

Hi ,
I have to add Dynamic row span and Col Span in Datatable header according to my condition. Condition is that , if you observe attached snippet. There are two text input i.e group and Channel so on btn click I have to add header in Datatable Just like follow.

group one | group two | group Three

ch one | ch two |

I have to add three layer header according to My condition
so please , given me a solution so that I can n add header col span androw span dynamicaly


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    Hello @Ninad,
    If I understood you correctly, here is an example showing how to add complex header with colspans/rowspans dynamically:
    In the example above groups are always added at the same level (top),
    and channels are their children, and they are also on the same level.
    When you click Add Group , columns will always be added to the top level, regardless of the selected item in the tree. To add a channel, you need to select the desired group (it is added only to groups, it is checked at the level).
    Please correct me if I misunderstood your requirements.

  • hello @annazankevich ,

    Thank u so much for the given solution. but here groups are always not required to add at top level only i.e we can add group under another group upto 3 level. Upto 3 level we can add channels & groups. How can we do this?

    Also we need to delete node from tree on node click & corresponding column from table.

    Please refer below updated snippet.

    Please provide solution for the same.

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