According to the webix documentation on Responsive Layouts, can you confirm the following questions?
Does responsive layout only exist for layouts and accordion view?

For the accordion view it works by hiding each column of the accordion and doesn't it work by moving each column to another position?

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  • Hello @jorge ,

    Regarding the library in general, Webix is responsive in the way, that it can adjust sizes of UI elements to any screen size. By default, components will only adjust their sizes and will not change their positions, as from our experience such behaviour causes more harm than good for the data-rich interfaces.
    In general, the smooth responsivity of UI can be achieved by 2 options:

    While Webix provides a way to make the elements of UI responsive, it doesn’t produce the best possible result anyway.

    From our experience, in the complex apps you will need to create a separate UI layout for different types of screens anyway (considering also the responsivity on mobile/different modes of appearance). To do so, Webix Jet provides a possibility either to set the app size and/or decide which part of the UI will be rendered depending on some condition. The same can be implemented with any desirable framework.
    For a detailed explanation and example please check the following Jet article.

    Here's also a basic example of a responsive Jet application (if you resize the demo, the layout will switch between two modes: full and compact): 

    In addition to it, please check the same example extended with Dataview that adjusts cards (rendered data items) to available size and changes appearance in "compact" mode:

  • hi @annazankevich


    Thanks so much!

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