get file(object) info uploader on delete

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Hello, I find solution delete file and ajax request to delete on server.

I need information about an object when I delete it

i try event onBeforeDelete, but not have file with id.

$$("filesPhotos").files.attachEvent("onBeforeDelete", function (id) {

What a event need to use delete file and get info about file ?



  • How to get the deleted object (file)? information on it

  • @Kossin
    did you try this.getItem(id)?

    $$("filesPhotos").files.attachEvent("onBeforeDelete", function (id) {
      var item = this.getItem(id);
      webix.message( + ": delete cancelled");
      return false;
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    @intregal , i try


    Your code work good

    another your help me, health to all those who are dear to you

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