Image background

I am trying to put webix components in front of a background image. Both, image and webix, are in a


div> html container. However, webix components do not honor its original background but instead, inherit the background image from the


div> area, over the component view area making it unusable.


  • Hello @OsmarMartinelli ,

    If I understood you correctly, you can set background for a whole page, or for any webix component by using the common CSS styles, same as for normal HTML content ( you can redefine global styles of components, or use CSS property in components config to assign some specific CSS class to the component )
    For example:

  • Ok thank you. I was assigning the background image to a global class. Now by applying a specific class to each


    div> the problem disapears.

  • The intermediate result is OK,(a background celular phone image with a layout component+views in the foreground). However when I try to embeed all this in a window body it wont work. Please can you tell me if window view do accept layout inside its body? Thanks.

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