DataTable in Form

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I'm trying to add a editable Datatable to my form layout.
When i use the editors combo/select/richselect, webix stops rendering the form.
I'm using Version 7.4.2
I have tested it with an older version 6.0.1 where it works.

cols: [
                    {   view: "datatable",
                        label: "Test",
                        autoConfig: true,
                        height: 250,
                        columns: [
                            {id: "title"},
                            {id: "year", editor: "select", collection: ["a", "b", "c"]}
                        data: [
                            {title:"The Shawshank Redemption", year:1994, votes:678790, rating:9.2, rank:1},
                            {title:"The Godfather", year:1972, votes:511495, rating:9.2, rank:2}


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