It is possible use .focus() in datatable?

I would like focus a row when check the checkbox positioned in the row.
I tried use the propiety, but it didn´t work.
It´s possible make this with another propiety?


  • Hello @CesarCTA ,

    It´s possible make this with another propiety?

    As a solution, you can use onCheck event and select/unselect row:

        onCheck: function(row, column, state) {
          state?, 1):this.unselect(row);

    Please take a look at the snippet:

  • edited October 2020

    Thank you!
    Just I have a question.
    Finaly I could make it using the state parameter of the function and propiety(I don´t sure if is a propiety) Justn i don´t undesrtand the intention why you used this:

    onBeforeUnselect(obj) {
    return !obj.column;

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