Save and restore treetable state

I use this documentation for save and restore treetable state:

In my situation it doesn't work , maybe because I reload treetable from server ?

1) I load treetable from server (nodes closed)

2) I open parent nodes buy clicks

3) I save the treetable state

4) I reload treetable from server (node closed)

5) I restore treetable last state

When I look in firebug, the treetable data saved with open nodes in local storage are ok but the nodes are always closed in view


  • Hello @romain ,
    To restore the state, use ready handler or call the setState after component initialization:

        var state ="requirements_content_treetable_state");
        if (state)

    Please check the next snippet:

  • edited November 2020

    Thanks , but it doesn't work for me where data are reload from server.

    I have a function that reload my tree when I make a modification.

    The server doesn't know what nodes had opened in front.

    This function save the state, clear the tree and reload data from server.

    I tried to set the state saved (data saved are ok in local storage) with event "onAfterLoad" , but it doesn't work too, the nodes are always closed even if the state saved has : open: Array(3) [ "1", "2", "3" ]

    function treeListsReload() {
                var state = $$("listsTreeTable").getState();
      "list_state", state);
                utils.loadBListsTreeFromDb($$("listsTreeTable")); //clear treetable and reload from server
                        "onAfterLoad", function () {
                            var state ="list_state");
                            if (state){

    Any ideas ?

  • Hi @romain,
    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce this issue under the described scenario, e.g.: If at all possible, could you please providean isolated example where the issue can be seen?

  • It is ok :) After a lot of tests , I understood why for me it didn't work , it wasn't simple because my view contains a lot of interactions (6000 lines of code ..), I have a event "onAfterFilter" and in this event I used the method "closeAll" for nodes and when tree is reload , the event is triggered .. Thanks for example ;)

  • Hello , is it possible to restore just some properties for datatable ?

    For example I don't want to restore "filter" object of my datatable.


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