Checkbox is completely invisible until clicked

I've added a checkbox into my js with the following code:

{ view:"checkbox", value:0, labelWidth:400, labelAlign: "right", label:"Label" },

The checkbox exists, it's just invisible until you click where it's supposed to, as it then will mark the box.

If you start it with value:1 the box shows up properly, although it's checked, which I cant use since I need to start with it unchecked. Just to clarify, the box is not visible at all upon rendering when value:0.

I would appreciate any support. Thank you!


  • edited November 2020

    Hello @mmarion,
    Please check the basic example, it works as expected:
    Most likely, in your case, the point is that the label width is greater than the parent width, so you get this behavior.

  • Hi @annazankevich
    Thank you for the reply! I still could not get this to work, I even directly copied and pasted the example from the link you sent and it's still invisible for me.
    Even coding it as simple as possible like: { view:"checkbox", value:0}, yields the same result.

  • @mmarion
    probably you have some overrides in css.
    because the snippet works even in v4

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