Query Builder overlap default scrollbar

How to fix overlap query builder using default scroll



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    Hi @finzaiko ,
    As is the case with every other Jet-based widget, it is possible to fully customize the Query widget according to the required specifications. It is possible to redefine any inner view by using the override method.
    In your case, if you use default scroll you need to change the height of the toolbar - https://snippet.webix.com/j6fv8s57 . In this case, the button's height ( "Add filter") changes, because of the toolbar adjusts to the height of the tallest element, to avoid this use the following technique - https://snippet.webix.com/23iz4jxe

    The last thing I would point out, you can try using custom scroll to avoid additional customization:

      // optional custom scroll 
      if (webix.env.touch) webix.ui.fullScreen();
      else if (webix.env.scrollSize) webix.CustomScroll.init();

    Here is an example:

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