Webix Scheduler vs DHTMLX Scheduler and Timeline mode.

Several questions regarding the "Scheduler" views.

First, what's the difference between the DMTMLX Scheduler (https://blog.webix.com/how-to-integrate-webix-with-dhtmlxscheduler/) and the built in Webix Scheduler (https://docs.webix.com/desktop__desktop_scheduler.html)? The blog post above makes it sound like they are the same.

Does the built in Webix Scheduler come with a "timeline" mode (https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/timeline_view.html), like the DHTMLX Scheduler does?

If so, how do you use it in Webix?

If the two components are different, and I need to use the DHTMLX scheduler to get the timeline view, how do I access it via the Webix Integration?

I tried following this guide: https://blog.webix.com/how-to-integrate-webix-with-dhtmlxscheduler/ and here: https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/timeline_view.html to create a "timeline" view in webix, but could not.

I tried spinning it up in this snippet:
but I'm getting the error "createTimelineView is not a function"

In summary, we'd like to use the built in Webix Scheduler with timeline view since we already have a license for that... but if we can't DHTMLX is fine ... we just need to know how to get it work either way.



  • Did you get any feedback on this? I've exactly the same questions.

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