Way to disable 'tab' movement around screen? Tab to focus (not edit) datatable?

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I'm currently trying to make the 'tab' button function differently than normal for datatables (currently, clicking 'tab' opens the edit for the next cell when I need it to just 'focus' on the next cell)

With this, I followed this guide (except using the tab keyCode '9'):
My code:

This does do exactly what I'm hoping, as if I focus on one cell and then hit tab, I focus on the next cell, great.
However, if I try to 'tab' more than once (i.e. 2 or 3 cells over), I can't because
the 'tab' starts acting as a tab around the screen instead of only for the datatable.

How can I prevent the tab around the screen? Or is there an easier way to enable the tab to 'focus' on a dtable cell instead of enter the edit



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    Figured it out: You need to use the function 'e.preventDefault()' to stop the browser's default tab functionality and then use 'webix.UIManager.removeHotKey()' to disable the Webix default tab functionality:
    Once you do that you can override tab do whatever you want on key press since the tab functionalities get disabled.

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