[kanban comments]I need comment edit complete event.

Is there something in the comment that functions like an onAfterEditStop occurring in a datatable?

[onAfterEditStart, onBeforeEditStart]
This event the beginning of the edit.
I need comment edit complete event.

Or as an alternative, can I delete the comment's edit menu?

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  • Hi @KJW,
    Kanban uses the Comments widget and its API has several events needed for the use-cases.This view can be obtained in Kanban with the getComments method (returns a popup with the needed widget inside). But the comment widget doesn't have an onAfterEditStop event.
    As a solution, you can use onAfterEditStart event , or get the inner textarea and operate with its value, you can refer to it directly with queryView method and check if some existing comment has been edited.
    Please, check the following example

    Or as an alternative, can I delete the comment's edit menu?

    Also, you can hide "Edit" option via onBeforeShow event:

    commentsView.getMenu().attachEvent("onBeforeShow", function(){


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