ui.query warning on custom condition

I am trying to create a filter that evaluates records with conditions of "Empty" or "Not Empty" field values.

I followed the example provided on this page: https://docs.webix.com/query__configuration.html .. for "max-length", substituting "empty" and "notEmpty".

According to the section for "Custom conditions", I used "none" for the batch field. That results in repeated warnings:

[ Warning: Missing translation for key: "empty" ]

To separate what I was doing in the rest of my code and ensure it was not something specific to my application, I tweaked one of your existing snippets. The resulting snippet exhibits the same issue:

https://snippet.webix.com/w21uli4i .. or .. https://snippet.webix.com/xh2lja8c

The "handler" of comparison is slightly different from one example to the other. Otherwise, they are identical.

When you select "Empty" or "Not Empty" from one of the filter options, a warning appears in the console. For example: <Edit> the First Name filter and select "Is Empty". When you save/update that filter, watch the console for the Warning message to appear.

I don't know that this will have any form of negative impact, but it worries my Admin users that they are seeing warnings all the time.

Can you tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or is this just a "feature" of the existing codebase?


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