[File Manager] filename start with "."

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File Manager does not seem to handle file names start with "."
I can successfully upload files begin with "." (using file manager) and verify that the file exist in the storage.
However, file manager does not show them.
Do you have tip to handle it properly?



  • Hi @pspace

    The dot as the 1st character was forbidden by design on client-side, but can be allowed with customization that replaces common naming helper in three occasions: 
    • renaming file/directory
    • creating file/directory
    • common validation for these actions
    Here are the needed changes (although only safeName was changed, this custom method needs to be put in all relevant parts of code):  https://snippet.webix.com/i50nlmdc

    The reason for this limitation is that the default File Manager (the tool itself and the server-side that interacts with a local file system) is intended to work with general requirements of all common OS.
    In Unix-like systems (including modern Ubuntu) file that name starts with a dot is considered as hidden. To match this pattern, we've hidden these files on the backend (code) and restricted the dot as a 1fs character of a file name.
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