Spreadsheet date input change value and blocked the column

Use: https://snippet.webix.com/lls6bj7b
To reproduce the problem enter a date in cell F2, for example 2021-02-08 when pressing enter changes to 02/05/2176 and from that moment on, no value in the entire column F can be edited.



  • Hi @JorgeQuiros

    If the cell has the default format ("Common"), the type of the entered value will be deliberated automatically.
    JS algorithm here is quite strict, so by default, it is expected that the entered date corresponds to the specific format declared in the locale.
    All date-related patterns are specified in the webix.i18n.spreadsheet.formats
    The default pattern is "mm/dd/yyyy" (standard for en-US locale). Unfortunately, any unexpected pattern may be mishandled and provide the mentioned result.

    To change only the default date format, you can modify this part of the locale as follows (time is untouched): https://snippet.webix.com/1rl5h472

    The full locale object is provided on our GitHub.

    In the UI, the format for data visualization of the specific cell can be selected in the toolbar. Here's the additional information about changing format via UI (User Guide, regular documentation).
    The same can be done through API with the setFormat method: https://snippet.webix.com/4qpjx5jc

    Still, the overall handling of dates is based on the patterns defined in the locale object.

    Regarding another issue,

    from that moment on, no value in the entire column F can be edited

    Unfortunately, I couldn't repeat it - all values seem to be accessible.
    If I had missed any condition for repeating it, please specify the precise steps to check it.

    Editor for dates always has the dropdown calendar, which can be opened by the double-click on a cell.
    Please note that the default editor for text/numeric values is the input on top of the grid (liveEditor can be set to false to enable inline editing of all cells).

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