Still possible to select disabled item

Hello !

I'm using webix.ui.multiselect component.
I need to disable (grey out) some of the values.
I was able to achieve that by:


It indeed greys out the value and when I hover over that item -> I can clearly see that browser cursor is suggesting that element is disabled
However... I can still select it when I click on it..

Is it some kind of known bug ?


  • edited February 24

    Ok, I figured out that I need to use suggestbox
    Then it is not possible to click on disabled element.

    Still... I think it might be a bug, it does not make much sense to have ability to click on disabled element :)

    But maybe I just missed something in docs.

    Thank you !

  • Hello @michald1986 ,
    I can confirm the issue. Thank you for your report!
    We will fix it.
    For right now we could offer you the solution to modify type "checklist"
    Here is an example:

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