Webix Datatable subview verticle scroll issue

Hi ,
I have one datatble with subview . when I strated expanding node form end the verticle scroll position gives problem . I will not go to selected node.
After expanding node scroll should move to selected node on datable , Please provide solution for this .



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    Hello, @Ninad

    If we understood the issue correct, to have the whole subview body visible (in case it's smaller, then the datatable size)) is possible by checking the size of this subview and comparing this size with the space to the end of datatable visible part. If the subview doesn't fit space, datatable will be scrolled to the very end part of the subview.
    By default, datatable scrolls by whole rows. More precise scroll position, when calculated via scrollTo is possible to show only by preliminarily disabling scrollAlignY

    Here is an example: https://snippet.webix.com/zim5kmz2

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