ckeditor4.15.1 configuration problem

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I use ckeditor on several places and it works great but this configuration I can't come through so If you don't mind please help me:

I work with webix 8.1 and ckeditor 4.15.1
I have this in the configuration file webix.protoUI:

'use strict';
var tid = this.config.textAreaID = 't'+webix.uid();
this.$view.innerHTML = "" + this.config.value >+ "";
window.CKEDITOR_BASEPATH = webix.codebase+'ckeditor4.15.1/';
webix.require(webix.codebase+'ckeditor4.15.1/ckeditor.js', function()
this._3rd_editor = CKEDITOR.replace( tid , {
toolbar: this.config.toolbar,
language: this.config.language,
width:this.$width -2,
height:this.$height - 44,
filebrowserBrowseUrl: true,
imageBrowser_listUrl: '/Postoffice/imageList',
}, this);
this._init_ckeditor_once = function(){};

The problem is: If I comment out toolbar the extra plugin will be shown but also all functionalities of the ckeditor... which is to much!
If I use my own toolbar. The extraplugin will not be shown anymore,

What I found out is, if I remove toolbar and extraPlugins everything wents fine, but it's the same for all editors. with all plugins. :-/

Please help me.

and have a great eastern



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