toPDF, please HELP!

When I try to export a datatable to a pdf file, using toPDF I get strange behavior for example the word
TELEGRAM appears in the generated pdf as "TE3EJ Raw", but if I copy the word from the pdf and paste it into notepad, it appears correctly, I don't understand anything, this happens from the second line of the datatable exported in the pdf, even if I order for certain fields the pdf is created well. What is happening to me? , I have tried to change the url to a different .tff file than the one that exists by default but I am not successful, Im work with pro version of webix

Thanks in advance



  • Hi,

    I discovered my problem is the emojis, when it is exported to pdf and some row contains an emoji, from that cell the rest are shown wrong, any solution for this?

    Thansk in advance

  • Hello, @jorge

    The PDF js version we are using does not support the export of these symbols.
    As a possible solution, we would suggest you define a data scheme for processing data while exporting to PDF. For that purpose use $export key.
    In the snippet below, all emojis just excluded from strings.

    Also, there is a possibility to export to PDF as an image. In that case, the picture is generated in the same way as when exporting to PNG

  • @AlenaLisava ,

    Thansk so much!!,

    I have another question about pdf, I would appreciate the answer.

    Is it possible to generate the pdf or the pdf as image images that are in a view datatable or in a view list?
    This is my snippet based on yours :)

    Am I doing something wrong or is it technical limitation?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello, @jorge

    Currently, Webix allows displaying some text or image in the header of the export file. But unfortunately, there is no possibility to export an image from a list or a datatable cell to PDF.

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