Datepicker (type:"time") changes date value to 1900 after second change

Hi Webix Team,
using the Datepicker as Timepicker by setting the ype to "time" and the editable option is true, the resulting date turns to 1900 after the second change.

Check the snippet:
1. Select time --> click done
2. Select time --> click done
3. Check the console values --> The date has changed to 1900 - therefore the UTC times has changed too.

greetings Christian


  • Hello, @npgSimple

    Datepicker with type:"time" returns a date object that includes the specified time, but does not consider the date at all. This is the initial behavior of this component, however, we will look into this to avoid mentioned issues. Thank you for pointing this out!

    To solve your issue you could either via onChange put the current date each time data is changed
    Here is the snippet:

    Or you could customize the component and change $prepareValue and getValue() method in the way they return data in desired format.
    Here is the snippet:

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