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How can I set disable ping interval, check status to server if user has been logout or no token stored on client ?
I use Jet User Plugin https://webix.gitbook.io/webix-jet/part-ii-webix-jet-in-details/plugins#user-plugin


  • Hello @finzaiko,

    Unfortunately, the ping functionality cannot be disabled completely - setting ping to a falsy value will default it to 300000ms, and this behaviour cannot be changed (unless you decide to modify the sources directly, which we do not recommend).

    The ping functionality is important, since it informs the server that the client app is still open. At the same time, it can be used to inform the user if the server-side session has been ended. In your case, ping is essential to determining whether the user has been logged out or not - there is no other feasible way of checking user status outside of pinging, your only other alternative is to manually call the getStatus() method on certain action (which is not as reliable).
    You can use the getStatus() method to manually check user status (i.e. after a logout button was pressed):

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