DataTable: serverMultiSelectFilter with "Submit" or "Apply" button

Hello guys!
Is it possible to add an Apply or Submit button to the default serverMultiSelectFilter in DataTable control? I know that button is possible for the MultiSelect contol itself with button=true:
I also tried to set inputConfig: { button: true } for the column
but it does not work.


  • Hello, @Acrux

    There is a possibility to add a button. As the control's popup is supplied with a "select" button out of the box, you could add it and change the name by:

    button: true,

    But this button will remain just a "select" button. Changing the value in the filter (and, accordingly, filtering) occurs by selecting the option, regardless of the presence of the button.
    Here is the snippet:
    If the filtering should be triggered only by clicking on the Submit button, the default filter has to be customized. In the following snippet, filtering is applied on button click (if the button was enabled in the filter config)
    Here is the snippet:
    Unfortunately, our backend doesn't supply multiple options selection. To estimate the efficiency, please check DevTools to find out what parameters the request is sent with.

  • Hello, Alena!
    Thank you for the response! I think it should included in default filter imlementation. I recommend you to add a setting for the contol, someting like:

    suggest: { 
        button: true,
        buttonText: "Submit",
        submitByButton: true

    with default value submitByButton = false (for backward compartibility).
    Because I suppose the functionality I've asked in the initial question is expected by most users. Should I sumbit the feature request somewhere, or you can do it yourself?

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