Display activity indicator in data table cell


We have a usecase where data from server we receive with delay and we need to show an indicator of the same inside cell.

I checked the possibility doing the same with Webix datatable. In a dynamic loading sample I saw until data reaches client we are showing "Loading..." text. https://snippet.webix.com/easnp4hi

Instead of text whether we can add a div with styles to show a place holder?

Please have a look into this code snippet adding place holder/ghost cell. But once I have data I would like to replace this div with actual data. This I wanted to replace with actual data.

How can I add data later after sometime when it really received?



  • Hello, @Bachu

    Currently, Webix doesn't provide an opportunity to insert anything directly into an underloaded cell. That caused by the special (in comparison with other widgets) dynamic rendering of the datatable. So there is no possibility to get to the datatable cell until there is no data in it (the same template works only when there is data).
    Try to use Progress Bar to show that data is still loading.
    Here is an example: https://snippet.webix.com/gbkipjhz

  • @AlenaLisava Thanks for the update.

    I understood the limitation. But what about initially loading the table with data which is place holder initially. As in https://snippet.webix.com/scjqbn4h. And when we really receive data we will replace existing data with the newly received one.

    Could you please point to the API's which we can use for dynamically updating the datatable data.


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