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Hi, in my component i tried to override some functiones but when the components loads, i got an error: "config.override.foreach is not a function"

but if i do the same in a html page with webix i don't get erros. This just happens on Jet

this is my code:

export default class NameClass extends JetView {
config() {

    class customextends docManager.views["menus/menubody"] {
        config() {
            //doesnt execute the things inside here


    const app = {
        css: "docmanager",
        url: "",
         override: new Map([
             [docManager.views["menus/menubody"], custom]

    const ui = {
        rows: [
    return ui;




  • edited May 7


    Please, consider updating to the latest Webix Jet, v2.1.3.
    The bug you describe has been fixed in this version.

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