.then() of Webix.ui popup?

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I have a snippet like so, that upon click of a button, shows a Text Popup for a user to enter information:

I would like to add the ability to, on change of the data in the text box (i.e. user enters 107), to then carry out an operation with the result. This would be similar to how webix.alert()'s have .then(function(result){ }

Is this possible to do? Thank you!



  • Couldn't quite find a 'then' style solution so I just added a button to my popup that on click of the button carries out the 'then' operations
    Solution Snippet)

  • Hello, @mmarion

    In case you desire to have .then construction. please, use webix.prompt modal box. By default webix.prompt() returns a promise.
    Please, pay attention, as long as the webix.prompt is modal, it does not prevent the workflow on the parent app. However, it adds a modal overlay over the UI, which stays there until the user clicks a button in the box.
    Here is the snippet: https://snippet.webix.com/19mp7560

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