"Uncaught (in promise) NavigationBlocked" in the browser

How should I hide "Uncaught (in promise) NavigationBlocked" in the browser console when I use the app:guard?
May I have the way?

// myapp.js
import "./styles/app.css";
import { JetApp, EmptyRouter, HashRouter, plugins} from "webix-jet";
import session from "models/session";

export default class MyApp extends JetApp{
const defaults = {
router: BUILD_AS_MODULE ? EmptyRouter : HashRouter,
start: "/top/start"

    super({ ...defaults, ...config });

    this.use( plugins.User, { 
        model : session,
        public: path => path.indexOf("/register") > -1 

    this.attachEvent("app:guard", function(url, view, nav){           
         var current_Url = this.getUrlString();  
            nav.redirect = current_Url;


webix.ready(() => new MyApp().render() ); // mandatory!

const blockUrl = [

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