How can I register for an event raised by a custom HTMLElement which is kept inside cell template


I have last column of datatable configured for row action. When user trigger action dropdown the value change should trigger the action event.

This is how the column is defined,

 id: 'rowActions', header: '', headermenu: false, freeze: 'right', template: function (obj, common) {
        return `<my-dropdown label="Empty"><my-menu-item label="First" id="firstId"></my-menu-item><my-menu-item label="Second"></my-menu-item></my-dropdown>`

I am seeing the drop down in the cell but I am not able to bind the events to events handlers.

For example this does not redirected the value-changed events to the handler specified,

<my-dropdown label="Empty" (value-changed)="onValueChanged">

I also tried this but did not work,

ready: () => {
    webix.event("firstId", "value-changed", function(e){

Currently I am using Webix inside Angular, so
1. What are the ways I can bind HTMLElement events to handlers in Angular when they are part of templates.
2.what is the non-angular way of binding events

Any samples or snippets will really help us.


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