Long yAxis strings in Line Chart


I'm looking to see if you can help with an issue I'm having. We are currently using your charting solution, specifically your line chart, to create a chart. Our difficulty is that the Y Axis is a text string instead of a number value, We were able to find the template function on the yAxis, which works well, unfortunately some of our strings are quite long and they get cut off by the graph. Is there a way to have webix push the chart to the right until the string is shown?

I started working on a possible solution, I was able to tweak CSS after the render to push items to the right, but it does not work with the plotted data points.
(if you un-comment out the onAfterRender code you will see the start of my solution).

And insight is helpful as this is a hard requirement for our product.

I have included a snippet that shows the issue.

Thank you for your time,



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