Mixing serverFilter und textFilter

I have a datatable which contains serverFilters and one textFilter column.
I want to filter the textFilter column locally. But everytime I change the value, the request is sent to the server.
How can I filter on the client side?

let datatable = {        
    view: "datatable",
    id: oConfig.sDataTableId,
    hover: "datatable_hover",
    complexData: true,
    dragColumn: true,
    editable: false,
    resizeColumn: true,
    select: "row",
    scroll: "xy",
    pager: oConfig.sPagerId,
    url: "intra->member",
    columns: [
        id: "email",
        header: ["E-Mail", {content: "serverFilter"} ],
        width: 250,
    }, {            
        id: "department_name",
        template: function(item) {                
            let arrDepts = [];
            for(dept in item.departments) {
            return arrDepts.join(", ");
        header: ["Gruppen", {content: "textFilter"} ],
        width: 400,
        fillspace: 1


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    This is by design. We assume that if one of the filters is a server one, the others also start working in a server mode. Combining both may cause difficulties: if you for instance filter data on serverside, you cannot unfilter it locally.

    Maybe you need a separate input outside a datatable to filter locally or on server not to mix both types.

    If you still want to try combining them, you need to provide a local flag to the custom grid.filterByAll() function that is called when a value in any filter changes. If it is "local", so call the grid.filter() function to filter locally. Otherwise let the built-in logic run: https://snippet.webix.com/niev47xo

  • After using a custom filter-method it worked.

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