Checking validation before navigation by using webix.ajax.get() in app:guard

Dear Developer,

Is it possible to check the validation by using webix.ajax.get("/something") inside app:guard?
May I know, the correct way to check before the next route.
Below is an example of what I want to do it. But, It is not working.

app.attachEvent("app:guard", function(url, view, nav){
webix.ajax().get("/isvalid").then(b => {
nav.redirect ="/main",
}).catch((err) => {
nav.redirect ="/main",


  • @NaingOo
    try to use nav.confirm promise

    app.attachEvent("app:guard", function (url, view, nav) {
        nav.confirm = nav.confirm.then(() =>
                .then((b) => {
                    if (!b.isvalid) {
                        nav.redirect = "/main";
                .catch((err) => {
                    nav.redirect = "/main";
  • Dear Intregal,

    Thanks for your help, It is working fine.

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