Horizontal Scrollbar doesn't show up


In the snippet the scrollbar shows up. However, when I have the same code in my own environment there is no visible x scrollbar. Any tips?


  • Hello, @tcbofa
    Could you, please, clarify whether you have no visible horizontal scrollbar or the horizontal scrollbar is visible, but not active?
    The thing is that if the horizontal scrollbar is visible, but not active, that might happen when the inner view is smaller than the container size (no need to create a scroll bar).
    If there is no horizontal scrollbar at all, it might be caused by some strong specific CSS rule. Please, check the example below, there there are two commented CSS rules that hide scroll bars.
    Also, Scrollview has the property scroll: auto that enables scroll and doesn't really influenced by the scrollview container.
    Please, check the next example (to see the described above, try to change container size in style area) https://snippet.webix.com/82v9kyhl

  • Hi Alena, Is there a way to implement this without containers? I want it to be able to resize with the outer window

  • Hi, @tcbofa

    Container in both previous examples was used solely to illustrate the situations described more clearly.
    It's definitely not necessary to use a container. Please note that for the scroll to appear, the internal elements should be larger (wider or higher) than the scrollview inside of which it is placed. So, you just need to keep the inner element wider than the scrollview.
    Please, check the snippet here: https://snippet.webix.com/86azwjrm

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