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I'm new to Webix and have a basic TreeTable page working with Select. My goal that when an item is selected it opens a public URL. I can't find anything close to this in the docs or examples. Although I'm n to able to get a simple Webix message to open on either!

There is what I have so far:

webix.ready(function(){ var set1 = { rows:[ { view:"text", label:"Filter by Company or Staff", labelPosition:"top" }, { view:"tree", borderless:true, id:"tree1", select:true, data:[{id:"1", open:false, value:"Jones Cleaning"}, {id:"2", open:false, value:"My Company", data:[ {id:"2.1", value:"Jones, John" }, {id:"2.2", value:"Blow, Jow" }, {id:"2.3", value:"Tow, Ming" } ]}] } ] }; webix.ui({ container:"treeView", cols:[set1], select: true, on:{ onItemClick:function(id){ webix.message("Click: "); } } }); $$("$text1").attachEvent("onTimedKeyPress",function(){ $$("tree1").filter("#value#",this.getValue()); }) });



  • Hello, @karstyn

    To reach opening a public URL when an item is selected you could use any of the next variants:
    1) It's possible to put a link into Tree Node Templates
    Here is the snippet:
    2) You could use with onItemClick event.
    Here is the snippet:

  • Thank you AlenaLisava - I'll play with this to see if I can make it work for my situation. The goal for me is not to have a new window or tab open, but to send an API call 'behind the scenes'.

  • Just realized I never gave an update on this. I was able to get my link working based on tweaking your examples. Thank you!

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