Blog "complex content in datatable" example no more working for Active Content.

I need something like explained in the blog:

When I run the snippet (Active content), as it is, I get a full blank pagewith a "script error" popup. By default, it is shown with WEBIX 8.3 PRO.

When I try it with older WEBIX versions, I get different results:

Not sure the snippets will show the exact version, though.

Did not try the other examples.



  • Yes, the snippets given show the exact WEBIX version.

  • OK.
    Saw that the ActiveContent is deprecated, since 7.0:

    Could be an idea to update this blog, to indicate this change.
    I can understant it would be tricky to update all of them.

    Anyway, on my side, I'll try something else.

  • Hello @StephanG ,
    Yes, you're right. ActiveContent has been deprecated as of Webix 7.0.
    Please use template instead to embed complex HTML elements.

    A good way to get up-to-date information on the available Webix functionality is to check the What's new section ( which gets updated shortly after the new version has been released) of our documentation and our migration guide (it contains the most important information you need when jumping to a newer version of Webix)

    As a side note, it is still possible to get the ActiveContent module from our GitHub and use it in your project, if you have such a need.

  • Thx @annazankevich,

    I managed to use the template, with the help of the Snippet tool.
    It's a bit tricky to follow the "migration guide", when you migrate from an old version, but I managed.

    As an idea, it would be nice to update some of important blogs, from time to time, to indicate deprecations like this one. It may save a lot of time to all of WEBIX users.

    My 2 cents :wink: .


  • Hi @StephanG ,
    Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider it!

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