multicombofilter tagmode visual bug

When using multicombofilter with tagmode enabled, if the selected items exceed the width of the input, it goes to next line, but also pushes the dropdown down as well. Making it appear to be detached and floating.

Not uber critical, just looks weird for the user. In fact I'm not sure what the proper ux solution would be. Turn into tagmode false if too many items? Regardless, I think it must be at least forced onto a single line.


  • Hello, @mykal

    In the tagMode: true mode, the multicombo is necessarily adjusted to the size of the tags inside, or keep the height, but with a common tag.
    So far, there are no full-fledged alternatives in order to simultaneously limit the height of the control and ensure that all tags are available for interaction directly in the input - that is why it is disabled in the filter.

    There is a possibility to cipher the width of each tag, space between tags and the input sides. Then based on the obtained value, change the width of the column. But that could break the view when multicombo has many options.

    The realization with switching the mode, depending on the number of options selected, can be a good way out of the situation.

    Please, check the snippet here:

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