Auto-width for columns in Pivot table

How can i set the Pivot so tje width of the columns will be automatically set by the content of the cell content?


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    Hello @Sannikovis ,
    By default, Pivot columns have fixed with - 150 px.
    Grid columns has two options for columns auto-sizing (please see the chapter “Column -> Relative Sizing”):

    • fillspace to fit the available space (can be limited by minWidth)
    • adjust to fit the content (of the header, cells, or both)

    Please note that these features are opposite and can’t be used in the same column at a time.

    In your case, please use adjust property:

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    Thanks! In your snippet can you see "15" after "14" the header? In my browser it is hidden :(

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    @Sannikovis ,
    In which browser the issue occurs for you?
    I have checked in the Chrome and it works fine for me.

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